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I’m going to start with some serious honesty, I really don’t know the first thing about writing a blog. I don’t know how to start one, what to write and I don’t even know if anything I put down is going to be of any interest to anyone but here I am giving it a shot; heading into the unknown - a bit like when I found out I was expecting my little dude!

I can’t believe it has now been a whole year since I found myself hunched over a toilet basin, hanging on to it like it was my new best friend! Whoever has experienced the full brunt of morning sickness, you have my full sympathy. I had a pretty rough pregnancy and I ended up hospitalised and off work for a considerable amount of time. Everything made me sick; from food to random smells, (my whole house was a no go zone) from sitting up to laying down and everything in between. I even struggled to keep water down. The first few months were, to put it bluntly, horrendous!

Luckily, by the time I reached around 16 weeks, all but a few of the symptoms had faded enough that I was able to return to work. I then just had to deal with the fact that... I was pregnant. It may sound silly, but the sickness took up so much of my life that I actually hadn’t even really given myself any time to process the reason behind it properly. I was going to be a mum… oh crap!

Now, I wouldn’t change my little man for the world. I love him more than life itself but, anyone who knew me knew that I didn’t really seem to have a maternal bone in my body. Suddenly, I was about to have a child of my own…some days that thought alone was overwhelming. Luckily for me, my husband (who I also love very much) was the most supportive partner I could have asked for, and for that I’m forever grateful. He really took some crap from me too haha! I had all of my hormones going crazy and he looked after me from start to finish. I honestly couldn’t have done it without him - or any other friend, family or work family who was there for me. It really did make me realise how much I needed these people in my life.

So, this kinda brings me around to where the idea for Seth and Bear has come from….

Anyone who is or has ever been pregnant knows that the question you’ll get asked the most is "what sex are you having?" It’s like a constant loop! My husband and I decided quite early on that we were going to find out for ourselves and not tell anyone, but little did we know what drama that would cause!

The reason behind it to start with was that we wanted to surprise everyone, however little did I know that whilst I’d secretly started to think of baby names for a girl and daydreaming about all the girlie things I was going to get to do with my daughter, I was the one who was going to have the biggest surprise!

So, the girl I was convinced we were having, actually turned out to be a boy! Now we knew, just us and the sonographer, and I had to wrap my head around shopping for little boys bits. Not the dresses, skirts, leggings or sparkly tops I’d dreamed of, but clothes for a boy.

I’ve worked in fashion retail all my life so the fact that the boys to girls clothes ratio was completely out wasn’t a big shock to me, but when you have to start really shopping it becomes even more apparent. I hated the fact that the only choices I seemed to have in all shops (after I’d walked through all the girl's bright and colourful options) was a small selection of dark, dirty coloured tractor tees or dinosaur dungarees. So, the decision was made that we definitely wouldn’t be telling anyone as I just didn't want to be gifted all of the clothing that I found so depressing to look at. I don’t want that to sound ungrateful in any way but I just couldn’t face it.

My search history on my phone basically consisted of gender-neutral baby clothes, gender-neutral nursery ideas….anything that helped me see that there was more choice available out there. I remember ranting to my sister on more than one occasion (I feel it was a long pregnancy for all involved) that all I wanted was a good website for gender-neutral clothing and one day I was going to have one to help anyone who felt as restricted as me. Little did I know, she had filed that away and not long after the little one made an appearance she sent me a link to our very own website!!

Just like when our little man arrived, it was an instant love lol! I couldn’t believe that this website was ours! Everything on it I’ve got to handpick and to me it gives us so much more of a choice on what we can dress our children in, or what they can have hanging in their rooms to inspire them or play with regardless of sex, there really is something for everyone.

I just want to clarify, I have nothing against boys or girls wearing whatever they choose to. For me, it's just nice to be able to offer something a bit different, a bit brighter and sunnier and, in the current climate, a bit of brightness that I think we all need!

I wonder if anyone else has ever felt this way, or has had a similar experience? For me, I think what started as a bit of gender disappointment and what felt like never-ending sickness as well as being well and truly exhausted by my whole pregnancy journey (that’s a story for another day!) has turned into something more positive than I could ever have imagined. For that, and for my gorgeous little boy, I couldn’t be more thankful.

Thanks for reading, I hope I haven’t bored you all too much! XOX

Seth & Bear Co-Founder

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  • Penny Nixon on

    What a fab first post. And have to agree…. it’s so sad when you see the ratio of boys to girls clothes out there. We didn’t find out gender so I shopped gender neutral before our baby arrived. You’ve got some really lovely bits on here though and I can’t wait for our first order to arrive. I’ve added you to my favourites to keep my littler boy in more fun clothes! Thank you x

  • Kelly on

    I don’t normally comment on websites but I have never related to anything more – I felt exactly the same through my pregnancy, from the horrendous sickness to the gender disappointment finding out I was having a boy too! (Who obviously I wouldn’t change for the world now lol). So nice to hear how your story turned into this lovely website!

  • Amy on

    This is such a beautiful post of how Seth & Bear came to be! xx 😍❤️

  • Lynda Harrison on

    A lovely blog and insight into how Seth & bear started , I hope this is the start of a successful dream xx

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