Seth and Bear Starts To Grow

Hi lovely lot!

This is my first blog post over at Seth and Bear, so I hope you enjoy it. This will be a bit different from the past couple of posts shared by Emma, as I'm here with a sort of business update, sort of ramble - mostly just inviting you guys into conversations we've been having behind the scenes at Seth and Bear. If that sounds dull to you, please feel free to click off and I'll be sure to sweet talk Emma into writing something that's a little more up your street! 

For those of you who don't know, Seth and Bear officially launched in March of this year (2020,) so we're still very new and learning as we grow. Seth and Bear has been created with the long term goal of designing and creating our very own products, but at the time of launching we were along way off from that. We're still not there yet, but we're getting ever so slightly closer. 

If you've shopped with us, browsed around our website, chatted to us on social media; you'll know that currently our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer's warehouse to our customer's house. While this has been hugely beneficial for us and has allowed us to grow (because we started on a tiny, tiny budget and dreams take time and, often, money!) we're reaching the point where we want to move away from this in order to have some more control over the products themselves, the way in which they're shipped and cutting down waiting times for our customers. 

This brings me to some upcoming changes that will be taking place here at While we don't have a set date for the full change over, we're aiming for end of July/beginning of August - but we'll be sure to share any announcements here on our site, as well as across social media and via our Mailing List.

  • Items will be shipped directly from the UK. We'll be dispatching stock ourselves, from quality checking to picking and packing, to dispatching, we'll be doing it all from a small office room. 
  • We'll have some popular brands in stock, including Blade and Rose, Mori, Little Green Radicals and more! 
  • Our best-selling lines will remain available, but these will be dispatched from the UK rather than from worldwide. 

These are some of the main, super-exciting changes that are coming up - and I hope it makes you happy to read that! With all that being said, it means things within our store are going to have to change. 

  • As a starter business, we simply can't offer the same expansive stock range that is currently available. We don't have the room to physically store the stock, and we don't have the finances in place to cover it all upfront. This is all boring and logistical, but a lot goes into running a business so we want to be honest about what we're working with. With that being said, if there any lines you've got your eye on now, there's no guarantee that they'll still be available on after July, so please do consider continuing to support us and place an order for the item while you can. 
  • Shipping costs will increase. Shipping will switch over to Royal Mail, and we'll be making a special effort to ensure your items are packaged super nicely so it's a lovely treat when you open it. With that in mind, this all costs extra, and while we'll do our best to absorb as much of the expense as possible, in order for it to be viable for us to ship directly ourselves, we can't offer the same budget shipping pricing. It's looking like shipping will be between £3-£5 (Depending on if 1st or 2nd class is selected) for tracked and signed. Would you guys also like the option of standard, non-tracked shipping, for a cheaper rate? 
  • Currently - our Wild & Free collection (designed by Seth and Bear) is made to order and shipped from the USA - is this something you'd like us to keep on the site, would you be happy to wait a little longer for those items?

I don't want all of that to sound negative, because this change is so exciting and I think it's what our customers are wanting, but I want to be completely transparent about the changes and the reasoning behind any changes that are made. 

On a more personal note, it also means that from July, I (Keely) will be making the jump to working on Seth and Bear full-time. I'll be giving up my current full-time work to focus on Seth and Bear and to be able to pick and pack your orders. This is both exciting and terrifying; while I wish I was in the position to not have to worry about paying bills and general living expenses, like many business owners, this is something I have to think about. Even though we're only 3 months in, the demand has changed and we've been taking on all of the customer feedback so this is a change that Seth and Bear needs. 

I'm going to be cheeky and ask for your support.

  • If the shipping times are currently too long for you, please keep us in mind and check back in August when we're shipping directly from the UK. 
  • Are you happy to wait a little while for your order? We would love it if you made a purchase now; currently any profit is being reinvested back into the company, so your support now means we can offer more over the coming months. 
  • Have you placed an order and received an item you love? Please help us spread the word! Share on instagram, leave feedback on facebook, tag us in your posts so we can see and re-share. Small things like this make the world of difference. 

As always, we love receiving your feedback, so it would be great if you could leave your thoughts and any general ideas/suggestions in the comments! In particular, it would be great to hear what you look for in shipping services/costs, any items you love, any existing baby brands you think we should work with...anything! 

I hope this hasn't been too long and boring - it's actually really helped me to sort out my thoughts! I know it's a little unusual for a business to be this open and candid about our plans, but we just really want to be inclusive. Seth and Bear really is ran by 2 sisters with a dream and a passion, we're just like you, so we see no reason why we shouldn't be this open. 

Thank you for all of your support so far, it's been amazing and we've loved interacting with you over social media and having you help us learn and grow - here's to much more of that!

I hope you and yours are keeping well during this (still crazy) time! 

Lots of love, and take care of yourselves,

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  • Katie on

    Exciting! Started receiving some items from a large order I placed and all look great so far, excited to order again but directly from you guys :)

  • Lynda on

    I love reading your blogs and can’t wait to see the new collections .

  • Amy on

    Absolutely love hearing and seeing your brand evolve right before our eyes. Can’t wait to see the next collection you release!

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