Seth & Bear in the age of COVID-19

I hate to break it to you all but I’ve been persuaded to write a second blog, so if I bored you before you may want to skip this...

It only seems right to start off by talking about this horrible and scary pandemic that we’re all dealing with.

I honestly thought in the beginning that this would of all blown over by now, I was convinced that this ‘Coronavirus’ was just a distraction, some insignificant news story being used to take away from all the Brexit drama we’d all just been bombarded with, that and Megxit (I mean, really, who cares) It was ignorance really. I was lucky enough to be away abroad on a hen weekend when this all started and, if I’m truthful, whilst we sat drinking our shots and playing silly games it didn’t even cross my mind that we would be in a situation like this a few weeks down the line, involved in a worldwide lockdown.

Before my little man was here the idea of all this time off just at home would have been blissful. To just be able to binge Netflix, laze in the mornings with the hubby and our other two fur babies, it would have been a dream. But now I do have the little one here to care for, so no lay-ins and binging tv series - that’s for sure. I’m now stuck like many of you probably are, trying to stick to a routine as best as I can, trying to shop for bits only when I need them and trying to keep the little dude happy whilst confined to our home.

I know the most important part in all of this is that we all stay safe and well, and not just us but everyone, and I fully understand the need for a lockdown to protect us and our NHS.

There are however some parts of it that I admit I’m struggling with. I think for me one of the most difficult part of this lockdown and self-isolaton is what our families are missing out on. Just this past week our boy has learned to sit up all by himself (all be it only for a few minutes,) but he’s changing all the time and learning so much every day. We’re so lucky to live in a time with such advanced technology that we’re able to skype, facetime or even zoom. The issue I have with relying on things like that though for communication is that the older generations, like my grandparents (little one’s great grandparents,) are still missing out. Even the sky remote can be a challenge for them at times, let alone a tablet or a mobile phone. I’m lucky enough to of grown-up close to all of my grandparents, so for me, it’s so important that they get to know my little boy and him them.

There is however a flip side to this awful situation. My husband has been home now for just over 2 weeks and he’s getting to see all the moments and milestones he normally misses out on. He also gets to witness why some days just getting 5 minutes to shower is a challenge! He has been a great help, he’s taken on his share and then some, so it’s freed me up to be able to help out and work on the website a bit more. I’m just still trying to find that balance between being a mum, working on Seth & Bear, and making sure the house is in a somewhat liveable state… and that’s sure to become even more interesting to juggle when I start my new job next month!

I’ve really enjoyed getting more involved with Seth & Bear over the last few weeks, not only has it given me something to focus on when I feel I need a distraction from the craziness of the outside world, the site is also very personal for me so I want it to feel that way for our customers. We’ve been live now for just over 5 weeks and we’ve been so overwhelmed by the level of support we’ve received. COVID-19 has made this an uncertain time for a start-up company, but we’re working as best as we can and we’re learning all the time. The more time I spend on the site, the more my dreams for it grows.

Who knows what the future holds, but for now I’m trying to remain positive and focusing on my family and what I can do to help us all through these uncertain times.

Please all take care, stay safe and hopefully, together we can come out the other side.


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